TY Beanie Baby Koala with Eucalyptus

TY Beanie Babies Koala with Eucalyptus

This TY Beanie Babies Koala with Eucalyptus is a cute little fellow who comes with his favorite snack. What is cuter than a little bitty koala? Why, a little bitty koala with some noms, that’s what. This koala can live in your pocket and come out when you need cuddles!


TY Beanie Baby the Koala

TY Beanie Baby Koala

All of the Beanie Babies are pretty cute, but this TY Beanie Baby Koala is a heart melter. Some animals lend themselves very well to plush interpretation and koalas are certainly a good example. A koala bear is basically a cuddly stuffie even when it’s scouring the outback for eucalyptus.

This koala is about 6 inches in height.