Hansa Life Sized Mama Koala

Hansa Large Realistic Koala and Mama

Here it is folks! The Hansa Large Realistic Koala and Mama is the Rolls Royce of koala stuffed animals. If you are a purist when it comes to your plush or you want to make the best possible impression on someone who loves koalas, this one is a sure thing.

This amazingly detailed koala measures about 17 inches in height.


Aurora Mini Flopsie Koala Plush

Aurora Mini Flopsie Koala Plush

The Aurora Mini Flopsie Koala Plush is one of those sweet stuffed animals that is loved by young and old alike. It is small at 8 inches and fits in Aurora Fancy Pals Pet Carriers.
It is super cute and soft and is sure to be loved for years.


FAO Schwarz Plush Koala Bear

FAO Schwarz Koala Bear

This FAO Schwarz Koala Bear is one of the most adorable, realistic koalas on our site. Almost every review on Amazon for this koala bear is 5 stars and we are sure that you will be similarly pleased. FAO Schwarz is a world famous toy maker and the quality of this stuffed koala bear is fantastic.

This koala holds a eucalyptus branch and measures about a foot in height.


My Pillow Pets Large Koala

My Pillow Pets Koala

The My Pillow Pets Koala is cute as well as functional. Do you have a little one who needs some encouragement when it comes to getting to bed? Perhaps you have a significant other who loves koalas and is fond of naps? Then this adorable pillow pet just may fit the bill.

This koala is machine washable and measures about 18 inches in length.


Lamaze Cuddle and Squeak Koalas

Lamaze Cuddle and Squeak Koalas

The Lamaze Cuddle and Squeak Koalas are doubly cool! The momma koala is cuddly and big enough to be a pal for children as they grow but the tiny koala is perfect for baby sized hands. It even has a teether attached which you can easily keep clean. The colors are stimulating and help baby learn about the world around them.

This koala pair measures about 10 inches in height.


Melissa & Doug Sidney Koala

Melissa & Doug Sidney Koala Bear Stuffed Animal

The Melissa & Doug Sidney Koala Bear Stuffed Animal is a high quality, super soft stuffed koala. It has a slightly more cartoonish look to it compared to other koalas and that is fine with us. This fellow will get you serious brownie points with any koala lover.

Sydney measures about 11 inches in height.


Koala Twinkle Buddy

Bright Starts Twinkle Tummy Buddy Koala

The Bright Starts Twinkle Tummy Buddy Koala would make a perfect gift for children who are learning to sleep on their own or any child to whom you would like to bring comfort at sleepy time. Aside from the gentle glow, there are two modes of sweet and soft music to lull your special little one to dreamland. Parents can set the music to play for 30 seconds when the tummy is squeezed or 20 minutes of continuous play and the lights twinkle along with the music.

This super cute koala measures just under 9 inches.


Toys R Us Medium Plush Koala Bear

Toys R Us Koala Bear Plush

This Toys R Us Koala Bear Plush is perfect for adult koala lovers. It’s a little on the big side though it’s not huge. His expression and over sized nose are unique and cute as can be. Even the position in which he is sitting just makes you want to grab him and squeeze!


Wild Republic Cuddlekin Medium Koala

Wild Republic Cuddlekin Plush Koala

In choosing a stuffed koala, you consider style, pose, softness and quality. The Wild Republic Cuddlekin Plush Koala definitely checks all of those boxes. One of the most remarkable things about this plush koala is its quality and affordability. He is sure to bring smiles!

This fellow measures about 1 foot in height.


Happy Feet Koala Animal Slippers

Happy Feet Koala Slippers

These Happy Feet Koala Slippers are just the ticket to keep those tootsies toasty! If you or someone you know loves koalas and wants to express that love through their stylish indoor footwear, then these are perfect. Actually, pretty much anyone who loves cuddles will enjoy these slippers.

These koala slippers are machine washable and available in sizes for toddlers up to adults.


Big Stuffed Koala Holding Red Rose Plush Jumbo Stuffed Animal

Huge Stuffed Koala Bear

This Huge Stuffed Koala Bear is simply huge! If you want to make an enormous impression on a koala lover in your life then this big guy is for you. He’s holding a red rose which makes him a perfect Valentine’s day gift for the one you love.

This koala is made in America and measures 26 inches in height.


Gund Foster Koala Plush

Gund Foster Koala Plush

This Gund Foster Koala Plush is simple and adorable. Gund is known for making the highest quality toys available so you can buy with confidence. This little guy is super soft and is likely to become a favorite of the lucky child or koala lover who receives him.

Foster measures about 11 inches in height.


TY Beanie Baby Koala with Eucalyptus

TY Beanie Babies Koala with Eucalyptus

This TY Beanie Babies Koala with Eucalyptus is a cute little fellow who comes with his favorite snack. What is cuter than a little bitty koala? Why, a little bitty koala with some noms, that’s what. This koala can live in your pocket and come out when you need cuddles!


TY Beanie Baby the Koala

TY Beanie Baby Koala

All of the Beanie Babies are pretty cute, but this TY Beanie Baby Koala is a heart melter. Some animals lend themselves very well to plush interpretation and koalas are certainly a good example. A koala bear is basically a cuddly stuffie even when it’s scouring the outback for eucalyptus.

This koala is about 6 inches in height.


Webkinz Small Koala Bear

Webkinz Small Koala Bear Stuffed Animal

This Webkinz Small Koala Bear Stuffed Animal is maximum marsupial cuteness in a small package. You can teach your children just how cuddly nature can be and continue the educational fun online with the Webkinz internet activities that are accessible through a code that comes with your new koala.

This fellow measures about 8 inches in height.